The Art in Dance: Bharata Natyam

The American Folk Festival is excited to welcome back Kasi Aysola, a performer of the classical Indian dance Bharata Natyam. When he first performed in 2009 at the Festival, Kasi was part of Mythili Prakash, the Dance of India Ensemble. This year, backed by a talented group of musicians, he is performing solo and ready […]

Cowboy Up! With Wylie & the Wild West

Yahhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooo! That one little word can be said with a wide variety of inflections. There’s the excited “Yahoo!” five-year-olds shout when they get news they are going on a surprise trip to the fair. There’s the mundane “yahoo…” teenagers mutter when they get news they are going on a surprise trip to anywhere. But there’s […]

Creole United: “It’s Not a Band, It’s a Movement”

American Folk Festival has offered the “Zydeco” or “Creole” sound over the years and this year is no exception. But this year is a very special treat with Creole United bringing together many Zydeco stars on one stage that will be playing (and dancing) in Bangor at the end of August! Never heard “Zydeco” before?  You may have […]