Artist Spotlight – Sleepy LaBeef

When I was in college, a roommate of mine gave me the nickname “Sleepy LaBeef” after I fell asleep eating a Steak & Cheese sandwich while watching a ‘90s TV drama (to protect myself, I won’t name the show)…(okay, it was “Dawson’s Creek”…please don’t judge). Later, he informed me that he didn’t come up with […]

Artist Spotlight – The Red Trouser Show

When it comes to street performers, The Red Trouser Show is a unique “must see” act that brings a blend of daring circus-style acrobatics and comedy to our Bangor, Maine waterfront. The New England-based duo, David Graham and Tobin Renwick, have been delighting audiences with their impressive array of stunts since 2003. The two have […]

Artist Spotlight: Syrian Musician Kinan Idnawi

“Music is not just what I do, it is my life.” Celebrated Syrian musician Kinan Idnawi has been studying music since the age of 7, learning to play the oud from two unlikely, but convenient teachers…his brothers. From amateur teachings rose an incredible talent as Kinan graduated from the High Music Institute in Damascus, Syria […]

August is Here and the American Folk Festival is 28 Days Away!

AUGUST IS HERE! AUGUST IS HERE! (said with all the oomph as when the new phone books arrived for Navin in The Jerk!) Classic! Yes folks… Finally, after that long grueling winter, the nonexistent spring and this hot, steamy summer… it is finally August and the TRUE countdown has begun! They say “time flies when you’re […]

Artist Spotlight on Mitch Frohman, Jazz & Salsa Extraordinaire

Raise your hand if you can recognize the saxophone solo in the theme song from Sex & The City by just one or two notes? My hand is certainly raised! This Artist Spotlight highlights Mitch Frohman – the musician who happens to be the soloist on that song. Mitch Frohman is widely, and perhaps best […]