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A MAN’s (or Woman’s) Gotta EAT!

Sitting around our staff meeting I asked, “What do you go to the Festival for?”  The answers ranged from “The Alligator,” to “Whoopie Pies.”  Of course at Sephone, other than myself, it is an all male survey, so food is usually at the top of everyone’s list and there is such a variety that it […]

Creole United: “It’s Not a Band, It’s a Movement”

American Folk Festival has offered the “Zydeco” or “Creole” sound over the years and this year is no exception. But this year is a very special treat with Creole United bringing together many Zydeco stars on one stage that will be playing (and dancing) in Bangor at the end of August! Never heard “Zydeco” before?  You may have […]