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Dan Cashman has been involved with the American Folk Festival since 2011 and is currently serving on the board of the Festival. For more information about the American Folk Festival, visit

Color Bangor: A fun place to be a kid again (or just to be a kid)

Guest post by Kaitlin Patnode As Color Bangor fast approaches, we are getting more and more excited about it! This means more status updates on Facebook and Twitter, more registrations from you, and more buzz within the community. Overall, that sounds amazing. But what about your kids? We’re talking about your younger ones, not those […]

American Folk Festival’s Second Annual Color Bangor

Guest post by Kaitlin Patnode American Folk Festival’s annual fun run is back with flying colors… Literally! Color Bangor is back again for a second year, and it’s going to be exciting. Registration is now open, and with the amount of participation from the community last year, including the hosts at Color Village as well […]

Jim Boulier, Volunteer of the Year

Guest post by Julie Green A few weeks ago you may have read a blog post about the AFF junior volunteer recipient of the Gerry Turner Volunteer of the Year Award.  Today let me tell you about the “Senior” Volunteer of the year.  I am pleased to introduce you to Jim Boulier, winner of the […]

Saying Goodbye to a Great

I remember it as clear as day. For a music lover, it was an abundance of riches.  The Folk Festival team had spent several hours listening to dozens of artists from across the world – any of whom would be welcome additions to the Folk Festival lineup, and making recommendations about which performers would be tapped to […]

Another Year in the Books

Guest post by Kelsey Johns The tents are packed away and many of the performers are on their way to the next stage. The American Folk Festival has wrapped up a thirteenth year and is declaring it to be a success! The Waterfront began to attract a gathering late Friday afternoon, and soon grew into […]