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Angela Smith is owner of Next Media and has volunteered at the American Folk Festival for the past three years.

Artist Spotlight on Mitch Frohman, Jazz & Salsa Extraordinaire

Raise your hand if you can recognize the saxophone solo in the theme song from Sex & The City by just one or two notes? My hand is certainly raised! This Artist Spotlight highlights Mitch Frohman – the musician who happens to be the soloist on that song. Mitch Frohman is widely, and perhaps best […]

Artist Spotlight – Mickey Gaylean and Cullen’s Bridge

  Mickey Gaylean and Cullen’s Bridge are the first in a series of posts where we will be highlighting this years’ performers. If you can’t wait to hear more about the artists coming to the American Folk Festival in 2015, keep checking this blog. More Artist Spotlights are soon to come! It’s that exciting time of year again! […]