The Stages TALK at the Festival this Year? HUH?

If you are bringing your cell phone, you MUST check out these new features of the AFF App !

2015 AFF App ScreenshotAs fast as you have changed your smartphone, Sephone has changed the Festival app.  Each year as cell phones and mobile changes, Sephone has adjusted the app, so you get the power you want in the palm of your hand!

What’s New?

Rather than to completely regurgitate what Justin Russell wrote about in his post here, let me just tell you quickly the COOLEST thing that maybe you have not yet experienced with your phone.

Justin writes about iBeacons and how they work but if you didn’t click on the blog post that he wrote and read it, just let us say- when you walk by a stage, it notifies you who is playing, where they are playing next and other important facts.


Not really, and you will need your notifications and bluetooth turned on to get them. Sephone is very careful to make sure that your phone won’t blow up from notifications but will help you see who you want, when it is convenient.

Twitter and Facebook

If the app isn’t for you, the best place to learn about the festival as it is happening is to Like Us on Facebook or Follow Us on Twitter @AmericanFolkFes  #AFFBangor. You won’t receive notifications based on where you are on festival grounds because that isn’t how those social media tools work, but there are up to date posts on schedules, crafts, food, etc.  And all accounts will be monitored by us throughout the event.

So grab your donation and come on down to join us at the Festival, engage in social media – we love it when you participate and share with us your Festival experience!

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