Artist Spotlight – The Red Trouser Show

When it comes to street performers, The Red Trouser Show is a unique “must see” act that brings a blend of daring circus-style acrobatics and comedy to our Bangor, Maine waterfront. The New England-based duo, David Graham and Tobin Renwick, have been delighting audiences with their impressive array of stunts since 2003. The two have traveled the globe, gracing stages and streets at Six Flags, Key West, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Comedy Festival in Australia, and the International Circus in Karachi, Pakistan, and last but certainly not least, alumni weekend at their high school in Wilton, New Hampshire.

Photo courtesy of The Red Trouser Show

Photo courtesy of The Red Trouser Show

Tobin shares, “Although we have taken our show to many locations in the United States and across the ocean, it is always a big thrill to perform for your hometown. It was pretty special.”

Tobin and David credit their elementary school PE teacher for introducing them to the art and giving them the basics they needed, but have had many teachers over the years. “We also went to Circus Smirkus summer camp and have had some world-class circus coaches from all over the world, especially Russia and Mongolia,” Tobin explains.

When asked why they call the act The Red Trouser Show, they say, “We used to call ourselves The Flash, but of course, that name was already taken by a superhero. A friend used to call us ‘the red trousers’ simply because we wear red pants wherever we perform. We thought it had a nice ring to it and from there, it kind of stuck.”

Photo courtesy of The Red Trouser Show

Photo courtesy of The Red Trouser Show

Tobin and David look forward to their first performance at the Bangor Folk Festival and dazzling audiences with, as they put it, “fire, danger, acrobatics, and a little comedy too!”

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