August is Here and the American Folk Festival is 28 Days Away!

AUGUST IS HERE! AUGUST IS HERE! (said with all the oomph as when the new phone books arrived for Navin in The Jerk!) Classic!

Yes folks… Finally, after that long grueling winter, the nonexistent spring and this hot, steamy summer… it is finally August and the TRUE countdown has begun!

They say “time flies when you’re having fun” – so we need to begin the fine tuning and prep for what will be the best weekend of the summer!

Have you been reading our blogs? We have given great tips to help you get the most out of this weekend of food, dance, music and entertainment. As a refresher…

The “What to Bring” blog.

The “Making the Most out of the Weekend” blog.

Let’s look at the calendar together… We have four full weeks left. That gives us about 28 days to get it together and be ready and raring to go. Let’s break this down to ensure no detail is missed!

Week of August 3 – clear your schedule for the weekend of August 28th 

Week of August 10 – check the American Folk Festival website to get the list of artists and music and begin to educate yourself on all the talent and energy coming to town. Download sample music and practice the lyrics if needed. There’s nothing worse than pretending to sing when in turn you are really just saying the alphabet…  In a sing-song voice! Come on, we’ve all been there! 

Week of August 17 – check your gear:  Where’s your backpack?  Which Teva’s are you going to wear? Do you need a new shirt or fun sun dress to dance in? Head to your local merchant for some new threads you can show off during the Festival! Send out some feelers to your dancing friends as a reminder of the fun that is soon to come. 

Week of August 24 – get plenty of sleep during the week because you will be givin’ ‘er all weekend and you won’t want to be draggin’ butt! Coordinate who will feed and walk Rover while you are at the Festival because it is NO FUN FOR DOGS! Bring your bike or carpool with friends to save the hassle of parking, hit the ATM for the awesome Bucket Brigade and – HAVE FUN!

Proper planning will present a perfect party! Cheers!