Get Your Toes Tapping Early with a Preview of this Year’s Festival!

As a volunteer and active with the American Folk Festival, I get to see how many things work from an “inside track.”  There are a lot of moving parts to this 3-day weekend that take all year to put together.

As part of the Communications Committee, we created an “Official” American Folk Festival YouTube Channel with playlists for each of the styles of music that will be represented this year.  We are lucky that every act has many appearances on YouTube.  We got to watch and listen to many videos to pick a few for you to enjoy.

How about a little Salsa Dancing in your kitchen while you make breakfast?

Some of the bands have their own channels, but most of these videos are posted by loyal fans and other festival go-ers from other locations where the acts have played.

So go ahead, get yourself in the Festival mood by sampling one (or more)  of the many playlists on the American Folk Festival Channel! And come back often, you will feel happy over and over and over again.

Kelly Cotiaux

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