Making the Most out of Your AFF Experience

It will be here before you know it. Now is the time to coordinate your action plan for the best event ever!

First, clear your calendar – I mean, come on… You have known about the American Folk Festival for MONTHS now and trust me, the last thing you will want to do is have to leave the incredible Bangor waterfront to head home, clean up and go to some lame birthday party in the middle of a rockin’ set at the Dance Tent!

Okay, no obligations for the weekend of August 28, 29 and 30 – CHECK!

Now second – the music! Have you heard who is coming – here is who we have announced so far. If you are unfamiliar, Google them and begin to rank your favorites as you will need a succinct game plan to ensure maximum coverage and enjoyment.

Once you know the bands that will be here and who your top 5 bands are:
Third – get the schedule and plot out your attack. The schedule is great, clearly showing the days, locations, time frames and bands. It is well laid out and easy to read. You’re welcome!
It’s okay to grab your favorite highlighter or Sharpie and start building your days.

Fourth – build in time to eat, drink and shop! Bring a back pack so you can toss your awesome finds into that to keep your hands free for the dancing and the clapping!

Fifth – what goes in the backpack? Cash! There is an ATM on site but who wants to wait in line when you could be cuttin’ a rug at the Railroad Stage with your peeps! As you know, this Festival is free. However it takes almost $1,000,000 to produce and present this, so bring cash to toss into the buckets! Sunscreen and lip balm are a necessity. Don’t forget your cell phone with camera to capture and posts pics of you shakin’ what yer Mama gave you at the Penobscot stage! Water. Stay hydrated. There will be lots of cold water on site… Hence why you’ll be needing the cash!

Sixth – determine companionship. Make sure you bring dancers, because there will be so much awesome music you will want to be swinging around the dance floors with people who love music as much as you do!

And finally – leave Spot at home and bring your flair for FUN and culture!
Following these few easy steps, you will be armed and ready to go for Festival Weekend! See you at the Dance Tent!