Creole United: “It’s Not a Band, It’s a Movement”

American Folk Festival has offered the “Zydeco” or “Creole” sound over the years and this year is no exception. But this year is a very special treat with Creole United bringing together many Zydeco stars on one stage that will be playing (and dancing) in Bangor at the end of August!

Never heard “Zydeco” before?  You may have heard it and have not known it. Distinctive Zydeco has been played at Super Bowl half times, the Olympics and even inside Popeye’s Chicken Restaurants.

Be prepared for some dance music. Zydeco’s origin is the prairie region of SW Louisiana by Creole French speaking people of African roots with rhythm and blues and jazz. If there is a corrugated metal washboard (rubboard or frottior), an accordion and dancing shoes, you can have Zydeco.

Creole United released a CD last year “Non Jamais Fait.” A great review that explains the importance of generations of family Zydeco musicians getting together, combining traditional Zydeco with a little modern spice. (You can find the CD on iTunes).

Sean Ardoin, who hails from one of the most prominent families in the Zydeco Kingdom and one of Creole United’s leaders said that Creole United is not a band, it’s a movement. The movement is in motion to preserve and promote Zydeco and it’s French Creole heritage. Much of the lyric is in French and it’s guaranteed to keep you moving!

Andre Thierry, Grammy nominated Zydeco Accordion virtuoso on all accordion types, is the other Creole United leader.  Andre is dedicated to the sound of Zydeco and bringing the best together on stage for performances that the audience don’t soon forget.

In Andre’s words, “It’s not about the egos, it’s about the culture.” And the Creole culture will be alive and well for all to dance and enjoy on the Bangor Waterfront!




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