Color Bangor: A fun place to be a kid again (or just to be a kid)

Guest post by Kaitlin Patnode

As Color Bangor fast approaches, we are getting more and more excited about it! This means more status updates on Facebook and Twitter, more registrations from you, and more buzz within the community. Overall, that sounds amazing. But what about your kids? We’re talking about your younger ones, not those who may be in their teens and just as glad trotting along next to you. While Color Bangor might make us feel like kids – getting silly and messy while running around – what about the actual kids between the ages of 4-12? There’s something new and special in store just for them at this year’s Color Bangor!

Look for the debut of the Children’s Color Zone this year, sponsored by Playland Adventures. The event itself is meant to be family-friendly and appeal to all ages. While Color Bangor was able to hit on the majority of this last year, having this particular zone appealing to a younger crowd just shows they’re going above and beyond. The Children’s Color Zone will include many different kids-themed activities for their enjoyment. This includes a Color Toss, a Tire Run, and my personal favorite: the Color Crawl, where kids can crawl through color underneath a number of different arches!

While this is an option for children, it is not their only one. They are still able to take part in the actual color fun-run if they would like! If you register your kids for Color Bangor 5K, it’s only $25 and they receive automatic admission to the Children’s Color Zone. If you choose to just register your children for the Children’s Color Zone alone, the cost is just $5. Why wouldn’t you want to participate in something like Color Bangor with your kids? It makes for a great time, lasting memories, and only a wash or two to get rid of the color!

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